Whether it’s your first time hitting the trails or you’re an old pro, there are some things you have to remember if you want to make sure you and your group have a good time and you’re all still friends at the end of your trip.

  1. No man left behind.
  2. You brought it in, you take it out. Leave no trace of your presence in the woods.
  3. If you can’t see the person driving behind you, stop!
  4. If you can’t see the person driving in front of you, speed up!
  5. Tread lightly. It’s NOT okay to drive over living trees, bushes, plants, animals, or people.
  6. Leave your alcohol and recreational drugs at home.
  7. Don’t tailgate. Give people room to stop.
  8. Make sure everyone in your party understands that bathrooms are few and far between in the woods.
  9. Don’t take unnecessary risks when people are tired and want to go home.
  10. Avoid blasting your radio over the CB. While you’re rocking out, someone might be trying to say something important.


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